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   Optoelectronic Material
  The Total Solution for Your Metal Organic Precursor Needs
MOCVD Precursors: for LED, Optoelectronic devices, Power Amplifier, HBT, Lasers..

We provide the highest quality of high purity metal organics for the MOCVD process in the making of LED, optoelectronic devices, telecommunication devices, concentrated III V solar cells, …etc. With innovations on the packaging and bubbler design, our high purity metal organics guarantee full saturation and uniform delivery to the last drop that is suitable for all type of epitaxial growth conditions.

•   Group III High Purity Metal Organics (TMGa, TEGa, TMIn, TMAl, TEAl, …)

•   Dopants (CP2Mg, …)

Solar Cell Material:

DEZn TCO: for Thin Film Solar: CIGS Application and Amorphous-Si Application

We provide Diethylzinc TCO to fulfill your needs in the CVD process to deposit the ZnO transparent conductive oxide layer on the thin film solar cell. Our DEZn TCO is the first material approved by major thin film solar cell technology turn-key provider, and is used by many thin film solar cell producers throughout the world in producing solar cell panels.

Cassen is proud to be in a leading position in serving the thin film solar cell industry, and most importantly, in making this earth a better place by being an active solution provider in alternative energy.  

TMAl ALD: for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

TMAl ALD is the MO precursor used in the atomic layer deposition and CVD process for Al2O3 as passivation layer in crystalline solar cells for improvement on cell efficiency.

Group III and V High Purity Metal Precursors: for III V Concentrated Photovoltaic
We supply high purity metal precursors to the top tier III V CPV makers in USA, Europe, and Asia,  Our customers have record breaking cell efficiency year after year.


  • Equipment / Supply System:

    The quality of materials, high safety standards, and equipment up-time are essential in guaranteeing the success of our customers. To ensure the highest purity and quality of our materials and with a proven highest safety standards in supplying chemicals to our customers’ processes, we provide high purity chemical/gas supply systems that are used in semiconductor, solar cell, and many more industries around the world.

    The following are the type of equipments/services we currently offer:

      • •    Ultra High Purity Metal Organic Supply System
      • •    Ultra High Purity Gas Cabinets & Bulk Distribution Systems
      • •    Ultra High Purity Gas Mixers
      • •    Liquid to Gas Vaporizers
      • •    Central Chemical Dispense System
      • •    Customized Automated Solutions
      • •    Equipment Installation & Qualification
      • •    On-Site Services via our experienced engineer team: Installation, hook-up, trouble shooting, maintenances

Engineering Service
To make sure your fab and production to be equipped with the highest safety standard on your usage of metal organic precursors or other hazardous chemicals, our experience engineer team can assist you with building and setting up of your fab from day one of the planning stage to final completion of your fab.

In addition to the equipment installation, our certified engineer also could provide you with onsite services to help you deal with the pyrophoric metal organics and other hazardous chemicals, giving you a peace of mind to allow you to focus your effort, time, and energy on your production, which is what matters the most.

We can also provide onsite technical operation and safety training to help you know how to deal with metal organic precursors and hazardous chemicals properly and safely in your day to day operation and most importantly, in emergency cases.


 Polymer Additives

Flame Retardants:

Cassen has been providing flame retardants to a host of markets and industries since 1974. We are here to help our customers, whom are plastic molders, compounders, foamers, etc, by providing the right flame retardant to meet or exceed the stringent legal and regulatory requirements of their industry. Whether your company needs to improve the electrical properties of your wire and cable applications, resistance on blooming, plate-out, and UV light in HIPS and ABS, or to improve the strength or fog reduction of urethane foams, Cassen has the solution for you. In fact, we provide additives that can improve virtually any polymer. But what we are most proud of at Cassen is that every one of our flame retardants provides fire safety and protection. Flame retardants help save lives.


>Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are used in practically all the electronic devices in the world , such as computers, telecommunications equipment (mobile phones), industrial controls, house hold appliances, electrical devices, electronic goods such as iPods.

Because PCBs are constantly exposed to heat and electrical current, flame retardants have become an essential component of fire safety measures for PCBs. For fire safety and protection, PCBs (base laminates can be made of either epoxy or phenolic, thermoset resins, rigid or flexible) are required to meet stringent flammability standards (i.e., FR-4 boards must meet UL94 V0.)

At Cassen, we provide a wide range of flame retardants and synergists in helping our customers meet their needs in PCBs.

>Electronic Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures are the outer enclosures/shell of consumer electronics and information technology equipment. Electronic enclosures are used for televisions, desktop or notebook computers, monitors, printers, copiers, household appliances, and small handheld electronic devices.


Due to the wide-spread use of these devices in our everyday life, international standards require that the plastic materials used for these enclosures meet high fire safety standards such as the UL-94 V0 or similar flame retardant specifications.

From fire safety standards, health and environment requirements, and cost and performance perspectives, Cassen offers a wide range of flame retardants in helping to meet your company’s needs for different types of resin system for enclosures. In addition, Cassen’s products are all in compliance with the EU RoHS Directive.

Critical performance selection criteria for these flame retardant plastics often include: 

  • •    Excellent process-ability (high melt flow, high thermal stability, no blooming/plate out) 
  • •    Strong mechanical properties (high impact strength)
  • •    High thermal resistance (high Heat Deflection Temperature or HDT)
  • •    UV stability for some applications

The most common resins used for electronic enclosures are high impact polystyrene (HIPS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), Polcarbonate/ABS (PC/ABS) alloy, and HIPS/polyphenylene ether (HIPS/PPE) alloy, and polypropylene (PP – appliances).


Connectors are used in a wide range of applications that exist in our everyday life. Connectors are used in computers, telecommunications, automotive parts, household appliances, and handheld electronic devices. Exposed to electrical current and heat, ignited connectors may lead to fire and other fire-related damages. It is important to use flame retardants in the production of connectors. 

Most connectors are made of Polyamide (PA) or Polybutylene Terephtalate (PBT). V-0 is a common flammability standard applied to connectors but other standards such as glow wire are also specified for appliances. Flammability requirements vary by application, rather than resin. Different types of electrical connectors have different requirements. Cassen offers a wide range of flame retardants that cater to requirements for different types of connectors. Please contact us to find the right flame retardant for you.

Wire & cable

Flame retardants are used in wire and cable applications for two reasons: 
To prevent any ignition of the compound
To prevent the spread of fire throughout a structure along the wiring. 

Cassen offers both halogen and non-halogen low smoke type flame retardants - the perfect choice for halogen and halogen-free FR cable formulations, making wire and cable (W&C) insulation, jacketing, and shielding meet demanding specifications and regulations with well-defined end-use requirements .

>Construction and Furnishing

Flame retardants are essential in meeting regulatory requirements in the building and construction industry. In the furniture industry, flexible polyurethane foams commonly used in chair and sofa padding are coming under increasing regulatory (example: CA 117, BS 5852) and public pressure to be flame resistant.


Cassen provides a wide range of flame retardants that can meet your needs in the construction and furnishing markets.

Insulation foams

Rigid insulation foams are generally required to have flame treatments in order to comply with fire safety codes.


Organic roofing materials are flammable and capable of spreading fire from building to building. Flame retardants are critical to fire safety, which subsequently helps to protect lives.



It is crucial to provide materials of superior quality, as the materials used in public facilities often have very stringent requirements for flame retardancy. Although a significant amount of polymers such as polyolefins, nylons, acrylic, and cellulosic blends are used for flooring, PVC is the main polymer used in flooring products.

Plastic wood composites

Plastic wood composites are flammable and fire can spread easily without the use of flame retardant in this application.

Automotive comfort foams

To reduce fatalities and injuries caused by fires, federal motor vehicle and aviation regulations require burn resistance for flexible polyurethane foam and other materials used in the cabins of motor vehicles and aircrafts.

Cassen believes flame retardants are the best choice for protecting flexible foams in upholstery and other furnishings by:

  • •    Providing the needed level of combustion resistance
  • •    Meeting or exceeding environmental, health and safety objectives
  • •    Helping to maintain physical comfort support and durability
  • •    Protecting foam products from excessive discoloration during production
  • •    Being affordable so that end products remain commercially viable


There are hundreds of flame retardants, each with its own advantages. When you need to make the right choice to enhance your foam product fire safety, get good value, and fit your unique processing requirements, Cassen will be happy to help.

Furniture foam

With the phasing out of longtime popular pentaBDE additives in 2004, and a new state mattress flammability standard (CA TB603) joining the nation’s strictest existing upholstered furniture flammability standard (CA TB117) in 2005 for USA, as well as the BS 5852 standard for Europe, there is more of a need than ever for effective flame retardants that not only provide fire protection, but also maintain the comfort, support and durability of finished flexible polyurethane foam products.. 


All fabrics are flammable.

But CASSEN can help you make fabrics that resist fire and reduce smoke longer than others. Most synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, acrylic or polyester resist ignition. Once ignited, however, even these textiles can liquify as other plastics do. Hot, sticky, and melting, synthetic fabrics can cause localized and extremely severe burns, or drip onto other more combustible materials, leading to flash fires in homes. 

Taking a strong stand on fire safety within our homes, Cassen offers textile manufacturers a solid line of cost-effective flame retardants in providing the fire protection needed for textiles, making our homes safer.

Flame Retardant Synergist:

Heard of 1+1 >2?

Flame retardant synergists work well with flame retardant to bring out better flammability results for your products. Cassen not only offers a wide range of flame retardants, but we also provide you with a broad range of flame retardant functional synergists. With the right combination of flame retardant and flame retardant synergist, you will be able to get better results. Please contact us for the right flame retardant synergist for your system.

Functional Agents/Property Enhancement Additives:

CASSEN offers an array of agents that can improve the specific properties of your product. Whether it is UV stabilizing, mechanical stabilizing, fining, opacity, hand touch, cost reduction, cleaning and drying of gases, treatment of organic liquid and waste water, polishing, lubricating, surface appearance, thermal stabilizing, chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance …in various industries, we have the right functional addictives/agent to get the property enhancement you need.

•    Aluminum Oxide
•    Calcium Carbonate
•    Colloidal Calcium Carbonate
•    Lubricants
•    Sb2O3
•    Microcrystalline Wax
•    Synthetic Wax
•    Special Specification Wax
•    Nano Oxides
Please contact us for the right chemical agent for your process.


The right catalyst is essential for polymerization, oxidation, and synthesis.
CASSEN can provide you with the right, high quality catalyst for your production, polymerization process, synthesis.
•    HBR
•    Sb2O3


Organic or inorganic bromide can be used in the synthesis of inorganic and organic chemicals in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, plastic production, etc. Cassen has the right bromide for your application.

Special Specification PVC Resin:

Cassen distributes a wide range of: 

>Special Flexible Compounds

Special flexible compounds for production of cable, medical and, toy products with your specific requirement on:

  • •    Electric properties
  • •    Thermal stability
  • •    UV stable
  • •    Low temperature
  • •    Non-toxic
  • •   Regulatory

>Special rigid compounds

Special rigid compounds for making profiles, pipes, fittings and bottles.