About Cassen


Established in:  1974
Head Office: Taipei, Taiwan
Shulin, Taiwan
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Hsinchu, Taiwan


Outstanding Performance Company Award 2001 - Taiwan Ministry of Finance
Outstanding Performance Company Award 2002 - Taipei County Council
Taiwan’s Best Supplier Award 2003 - 3M
The Best Supplier Award 2011 - Genesis Photonics

The Best Quality Award 2011 - Genesis Photonics


CASSEN was established in 1974 by seven ambitious young chemical engineers who were classmates sharing common interests and goals. The seven founders’ goal was to provide product and service to the Taiwan’s chemical market, and contribute to the greatness of the society.  They strove to achieve this by building strong, long-lasting relationships amongst the industry’s players based on the foundation of broad trust, which is what the company name “CASSEN” means in Chinese.

After extensive market and industry research, the entrepreneurs at CASSEN realized that the market for chemical raw materials was already quite competitive while recognizing an opportunity in developing and introducing specialty chemicals into the Taiwan market. Since that time, around 40 years ago, CASSEN’s goal has been clear and the company has continued its journey partnering with numerous multinational chemical firms to promote and distribute high quality specialty chemicals in Taiwan’s growing economy.


CASSEN was the first company in Taiwan to promote Flame Retardant Chemicals, beginning in the early 1970s. Throughout these years, CASSEN has not only provided fire safety solutions, but also the technical services customers need so that they may in turn help to make everyday living safer for everyone.


After over 30 years of perseverance and growth, CASSEN has earned a well-known name and an excellent reputation in the Taiwanese chemical industry. CASSEN has become synonymous with providing top quality flame retardant chemicals as well as the technical know-how that serves our customers’ specialized needs.

Throughout the years, CASSEN has maintained exceptional relationships with many Taiwan manufacturers of PVC resin, ABS, PS resin, Epoxy, engineering plastic (PBT, PET,NYLON), wire & cable, rigid and flexible PU foam, rubber, paints, and many more. Cassen business relationships also extend to Taiwan’s electronic and information technology industry such as PC Motherboard’s CCL (Copper Clad Laminates), connectors, CDT Monitor, and Computer Note Book’s housing (FR ABS, FR PC/ABS).

New Business Development

The Optoelectronic Industry has been booming in the past few years around the world. An increasing number of consumer goods, telecommunication devices, alternative energy devices, displays, lighting, and many more are made and developed from this industry.

With many of its traditional industries transplanted across the straits to China, Taiwan has put greater emphasis and efforts into developing the Taiwanese Optoelectronic Industry, which supplies the optoelectronic devices to the world. Seeing this trend early on, Cassen has been expanding its business to promote “high purity specialty chemicals” and has been servicing the Optoelectronic Industry since 2001.

Participating in the “Opto-Wave” for the last decade, Cassen has become a key supplier to customers in the optoelectronic industry and through a commitment to excellence. CASSEN has earned a trustworthy excellent reputation among industry players.